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Do My Story, Sing My Song
Music Therapy and Playback Theatre
with Troubled Children
by Jo Salas

$19.00 | 2007 | 180 pages
ISBN 978-0-9642350-6-9

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1. St Mary’s—starting something new

2. A musical tornado—a boy expresses anger, trust and pride through music

3. Lizzie the mermaid—a traumatized girl sings

4. Singing with the Anthonites—group music therapy

5. Harmony and dissonance—the role of talent and other considerations

6. “Do my story!”—introducing Playback Theatre to St Mary’s

7. Gastonia—two severely disturbed boys and their musical expression

8. A painting of the world—a drama therapy group

9. The bag of stones—therapy groups using Playback Theatre

10. Stories in the Space Room—a week-by-week chronicle of one Playback therapy group

11. Shade sings her life—music therapy with an angry, soulful girl

12. Tamira’s second chance—an all-girls Playback Theatre group

13. “Music is curative”—a boy composes songs

14. Coda—the permanent place of the arts at St Mary’s

Appendix: About the creative arts therapies

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