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The Essential Moreno
Writings on Psychodrama,
Group Method, and Spontaneity
Edited by Jonathan Fox

$30.00 | 2008 | 262 pages
ISBN 978-0-9642350-5-2

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Foreword, by Carl A. Whitaker, MD

PART 1: An overview
1. Moreno's Philosophical System
2. Psychodrama and Sociodrama
3. Sociometry
4. Group psychotherapy

PART II: Advanced Concepts and Techniqes
5. Spontaneity and Catharsis
6. The Role Concept, a Bridge Between Psychiatry and Sociology
7. Notes on Indications and Contra-indications for Acting Out in Psychodrama
8. Psychodramatic Treatment of Psychoses
9. The Psychodramatic Treatment of Marriage Problems
10. The Prediction and Planning of Success in Marriage
11. The Sociometric Test
12. Authoritative and Democratic Methods of Grouping
13. Thoughts on Genetics

PART III: Protocols
14. Psychodramatic Production Techniques
15. An Experiment with Sociodrama and Sociometry in Industry
16. Fragments from the Psychodrama of a Dream

PART IV: Autobiographical Selections
17. The man in the green cloak

Chronology of Jacob Levy Moreno
Secondary bibliography




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