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Acts of Service
Spontaneity, Commitment, Tradition
in the Nonscripted Theatre
by Jonathan Fox

$27.00 | 1994 | 286 pages
ISBN 978-0-9642350-0-7

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Acts of Service provides a rationale for contemporary, interactive, nonscripted theatre and connects it to the earliest forms of storytelling. There are chapters on spontaneity, improvisational performance, and theatre for social ecology. The author draws upon oral studies, psychodrama, years spent in the third world, and his experience as founder of playback theatre.


“I find the book stimulating, challenging, exciting and illuminating.”
—Peter Wright, University of New England, Armidale (Australia)

“Jonathan Fox’s description of the parallel paths of scripted and non-scripted theatre is seminal.”
—Joel Plotkin, State University of New York

“Fox has written a scholarly work for the serious student and theatre professional who would like to have a greater understanding of the nonscripted theatre and its evolution from preliterate times.... He does a masterful job in helping us to understand how Playback Theatre has evolved and how it is definitely different from other forms of theatre.”
—Sherry Reiter, Adjunct Faculty, Hofstra University, NY in The Arts in Psychotherapy

“The whole concept of nonscripted theatre is very helpful to me in relation to my teaching, so your book gives me a sense of groundedness in what it is I’m doing.”
—Deborah Welsh, Syracuse University

“I am especially indebted to...the outline of a much needed ‘curriculum’ for developing the sense of intellect which must be present in the actor’s being.”
—John L. Johnson, artistic director, DC Playback Theatre




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