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Zoomy Zoomy
Improv Games and Exercises for Groups
by Hannah Fox

$15.00 | 2010 | 148 pages
ISBN 978-0-9642350-8-3

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Zoomy Zoomy is a collection of dynamic, well-tested, and easy-to-follow theatre games, warm-ups, and exercises for leaders working with groups of all ages, including theatre teachers, directors, classroom teachers, and group facilitators. Author Hannah Fox has collected and, in many cases, invented these activities over years of facilitating groups and performing. She also shares her wisdom as an experienced group leader about how to use the exercises—when and why to select them, how to introduce them, and how to lead them.

Hannah Fox is an associate professor of dance and theatre at Manhattanville College. She is artistic director of Big Apple Playback Theatre based in New York City. Hannah teaches dance, theatre, and improv workshops internationally.


“Hannah Fox has been at it a while—it’s in her blood, and it’s in her bones. The ‘it’ is using theatre as a practice to bring people together. You’d have to study with her to gain access to what she acknowledges is the most important aspect of excelling as a leader/facilitator—intuition. Presence. Experience. But she gives us what she can in print—a brisk list and thoughtful description of her tools. The games. From Spolin to Boal to Bogart, the grab bag is broad and its usefulness grand. If you’ve ever said to yourself, or to anyone—‘got any ideas for a good game or structure I can lead with my group?’—here’s your book.”
—Michael Rohd, author of Theatre for Community, Conflict, and Dialogue
Founding Artistic Director, Sojourn Theatre; Assistant Professor in Theater, Northwestern University

Zoomy Zoomy is an excellent and imaginative collection of exercises and games drawn from performance forms around the world. Some are variations of known masters, while many are original creations developed through the course of Hannah Fox’s diverse performing and teaching experience. As a professor of performance studies and anthropology, as well as having taken workshops in conventional Western theatre, theatre in Africa and Latin America, Playback, improvisation, clown, and dance, I find this book an invaluable source that can be used in a variety of artistic and academic contexts.”
—Dr. Laurie Frederik Meer
Assistant Professor of Performance Studies, University of Maryland

“A useful resource for facilitators looking to expand their repertoire of theatre games.”
—Jan Cohen-Cruz
Director, Imagining America
Artists and Scholars in Public Life
University Professor, Syracuse University



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