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Performing Playback Theatre Training DVD

$45.00 | 2006 | 76 min.
NTSC format


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The first-ever training DVD for Playback Theatre, designed for new and experienced practitioners, trainers, and educators.

Produced by Hudson River Playback Theatre and the School of Playback Theatre

• A complete performance from beginning to end in front of a live audience
• Optional introductory commentary for viewers new to Playback Theatre by founder Jonathan Fox
• Optional conductor’s commentary for experienced practitioners by Hudson River Playback Theatre artistic director Jo Salas
• Performance subtitles in Japanese and Spanish

Special features:
• 20-minute film explaining the 9 most basic and widely-used playback theatre forms
• A slide show on the School of Playback Theatre
• A short film about Hudson River Playback Theatre


“I really want to thank you for providing us this meaningful learning tool.”

“How WONDERFUL Playback is when done well.”

“A priceless gift for the PT community!”



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